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The process of a few hints, how I work for the film

A Modernist Style

I connect modern and contemporary with vintage, timeless and classical. Inspired by technology I use a wide spectrum of sounds and musical imagination to create the endless variations of timbres. High-End samples (as 'Omnisphere' f. ex.) I use in my music workshop combined with natural classical instrumentation (and deep musical background) help me do this. I draw inspiration from various sources: from high to popular culture, nevertheless the patterns of modernism, especially the concept of functionality, are closest to me.


A Passion

Feature films, shorts, documentaries, TV shows and trailers...all bring a lot excitement and can be an adventure. Underscore music, narrative music, theme and character motives or ambient and background sound implementation, all create the space of emotions fulfilled a certain scene or a moment in a timeline. This is the task to do, this is the goal to achieve. I believe I know how to do it. You can verify it in my portfolio

The Method


I am not one of those who say they know more from the very beginning, If you have a project that's your creative idea or a screenplay, you know how to make it the best.
My job is to learn and immerse myself in your point of view and help you to achive the goals. This is something that can perhaps take time but is necessary to proceed to the next step.



Once I learn from you about your vision, I gather all my data and use my experience and imagination to finally start to create the music. I prefer not to propose several versions to the same scene or copy of a commercial, just to give an impression of having provided a lot of work - unless that is what you wish for. In my opinion, it is my responsibility to know what could work best. and what is a reflection of what you have asked for. Finally, having met the assumptions I always try to give my work the final, unique touch, which would make it sound exceptional.



The last part is probably the most important, when our mutual expectations and the results are perceptible in the right way by the others! I think the key to grow is to do things with rigor and proven methodology, taken into consideration individual impressions and group screenings. The results let us move forward or if failed come back to the beginning - usually that's where the shoe pinches.

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